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2023 is here and with it, new perfume trends for winter! This year, the fashion is vibrant, bold and unique – and perfumes are no exception. We invite you to explore scents that are both refreshing and bold and also timeless and classic.
The fragrances this year are designed to be bold and unusual and are an invitation to let your imagination take you away. One of the winter trends is woody and aromatic, which combines earthy and woody notes with fruity and floral notes.

Scent blends that mix spices and fruits are front and center this year, giving you a unique and intoxicating scent. Fruity scents with blends of exotic fruits, flowers and musks. Florals are also present, with soft and fragrant flowers like rose, jasmine and lavender.
Classics based on citruses and musk are always popular and are a great option to give a subtle,
refreshing touch to your style. Sweet and gourmet scents like caramel and vanilla offer us a sweet and comforting scent. This year, we invite you to explore unique and timeless scents that will transform your style. We are excited to see how you express your personality and personal style through your perfume.
Have fun and don’t forget to treat yourself!

Juliette Espinasse Dubois,
Editor in Chief.

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‘Ayurveda’ which translates to ‘science of life’ is a 5000 year old traditional system of medicine in India which offers holistic and natural solutions for maintaining healthy and radiant skin. The main objective is to establish a perfect balance between body, mind, senses and soul.

The means to implement to follow an Ayurvedic routine are:

a healthy diet,

a healthy lifestyle,

rituals of care of the body, skin and hair.

relaxation and meditation exercises.

Skincare Rituals:

‘beauty rituals in ayurveda are about care not makeup’

Ayurvedic skincare emphasizes a holistic approach that encompasses lifestyle practices, diet, and external treatments. The main focus here is to make your body feel good by giving it the natural beauty care that it requires.

Ayurveda categorizes individuals into three doshas: Vata (air and space), Pitta (fire and water), and Kapha (water and earth). By aligning skincare practices with your dosha, you can address skin concerns more effectively.

Essentials of an ayurvedic skincare routine:

Daily self massage: Regularly massaging the  face with herbal oils  flushes out the toxins and help in skin nourishment. It improves circulation as well as promotes relaxation.

Cleansing: Organic ingredients like honey, aloevera are used as gentle, natural cleansers in ayurveda as these help to cleanse the skin without stripping off its natural  oils.

Nourishing Masks and Packs: For specific skin concerns and to promote healthy glow on skin ayurveda encourages use of turmeric and sandalwood facial packs.

Herbal Toners: Rose water and lavender water, are used as toners to balance the skin’s pH levels and refresh the complexion.

Balanced Diet: Consuming a balanced diet can nourish skin from within which means  incorporating fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats in your diet.

No stress: Stress can affect skin significantly hence one should practice meditation and yoga which reduces stress snd promotes overall wellbeing.

‘While modern trends come and go, Ayurveda is standing still since a long time as it has no side-effects and is very nurturing and soothing.’



Il est des expositions ou l’on est surpris et où l’on est happé par un univers! L’exposition Picasso Ateliers Hugo les Hommes d’Or fait partie de celles ci !

Très beau vernissage hier à #vallauris ou l’on célèbre cette année Picasso

Entre traditions et modernité, la ville de Vallauris casse les codes et nous propose une exposition inédite avec les Ateliers Hugo

Une scénographie époustouflante et un éclairage mystérieux afin de découvrir une magnifique collection de plats et de pièces d’or ciselés et martelés. Picasso , artiste visionnaire voulait développer de nouvelles techniques et il rencontre Hugo ; leur rencontre débouche sur des créations d’orfèvrerie inédites qui magnifie la culture française.

Le décor est magnifique , on imagine le temps d’appliquer les feuilles d’aluminium une par une …

Beaucoup de documents inédits et passionnants sont à découvrir

Présence des élus et de la famille des #ateliershugo

On lit dans les yeux des visiteurs beaucoup d’admiration et de curiosité

L’art a Vallauris est moderne et il ne faudra pas oublier de continuer votre visite au musée Picasso et aussi l’exposition Magnelli de toute beauté.

En tant qu’ambassadrice des Arts et de la Culture et vice présidente de la Divine Académie et habitante de Vallauris je suis très heureuse de cette exposition inédite .

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Juliette Dubois Couture